3 Instant Exercise Rut Busters

Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’ve been diligently putting in the miles, cranking out the reps with the fantastic AcaciaTV trainers, cruising along like a champ when “it” happens — the dreaded workout rut. Dun dun dun.

If the thought of your impending workout makes your eyes glaze over, chances are you’re in The Rut. It’s a super-frustrating, brain-draining, results-stalling place to be. I mean, who wants to keep plugging away day in and day out at something that makes you feel less than stellar with no noticeable rewards for your efforts? Not this gal!

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Time to shake up the snooze fest!

What’s my solution? Lightning fast blasts of high-intensity work designed to launch you outta The Rut. Challenge muscles you forgot you had. Take it to the next level while torching major calories!

Do I have your attention now?

Good! Throw one of these guys into the middle of your run, piggy-back them onto the end of your workout, or just toss them into your day as a way to get your sweat on.

Side Shuffles

A fabulous way to work all those “other” muscles. You know the ones we’ve been ignoring by repeating the same basic movements over and over again. Say “hello” to your stabilizers! Just remember to not cross your legs. Keep your hips low, torso tall, and chest lifted. Do 30 seconds to the right, 30 seconds to the left, rest for 30 seconds and repeat. (Psst! You can even do these on the treadmill; just start slow until you get the movement down.)

Stair Drills

Nothing like drills on the stairs or bleachers to get your butt into shape fast. These drills also work those stabilizers, get your heart rate jacked and develop mad speed, agility and quickness. I like a mix of single-stepping up (with a walk down to recover) and single-stepping sideways (up and down) – think right, left, right, left.

Broad Jump Burpees

Yeah, I know, you hate burpees. Trust me, you’ll change your tune when you see what consistently adding this super dynamic variation of the most-feared move does to your shape. Just remember to use your arms to make that jump as broad as possible – notice these are not called Bunny Hop Burpees…just sayin’.

You can thank me later. Now get to it!

Need more ideas? AcaciaTV has more than 100 hours of fitness programming that can be added into your routine whether you have 5 minutes or 60 minutes. Don’t take my word for it though! Start your 10 Day Trial now and see for yourself.

What are you doing to ramp up your workouts? Fill me in on Twitter or Facebook. I’d love to see your videos!!