Try These 5 Easy Mini Bands Sculpt Moves

That moment you see a strange piece of equipment in the gym and wonder if it’s a torture device or some machinery you aren’t qualified to operate.

Yeah…I’ve been there too.

Introducing the mini band. It looks like a  massive rubber band or perhaps an odd slingshot of some sort. I know you’ve seen them lying around the gym or maybe even have one at home. You’ve wanted to try using it but didn’t want to risk snapping yourself in the face. Can’t say I blame you on that one.

This workout tool has so many advantages: It’s inexpensive. It doesn’t take up much room. It does a good jog mimicking the feel of machines at the gym. You can use it to sculpt just about every muscle in your body.

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A mini band workout should follow the exact same rules as any other strength training workout. Always try to train your entire body. Do 1-3 sets of each exercise, 8-15 reps per set. Use a resistance that makes you feel worked by the end of the set but not so worked that you break form or risk getting injured.

Start with these 5 essential mini band moves which I’ve conveniently demonstrated for you in the video below.

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And of course — bonus video!