The BOSU: How To Use That Half Ball Thingy

That moment you see a strange piece of equipment in the gym and wonder if it’s a torture device or some machinery you aren’t qualified to operate.

Yeah…I’ve been there too.

Well I say, no more intimidation. No more avoiding that oddly shaped workout contraption or gadget. No more fear of using it wrong.  I’m here to help you solve all those deep dark fitness mysteries.

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This week I  demystify the BOSU (which stands for BOth Sides Up because you can use it with either side up.) It’s that whoseywhatsitthingy that looks like a stability ball that’s been chopped in half and then had a platform glued to the bottom.

You’ve seen it. You’ve wondered about it. You’ve wanted to try using it but didn’t know how.

The BOSU is great for stability training and can easily be added to just about any exercise in your repertoire. You can also use it for upper body resistance training. It’s super versatile and and it’s a good way to well… round out your workout

So you wanna know what to do with that thing? Watch and learn.

If you’ve got more ideas on how to use the BOSU, by all means enlighten me. Shoot me a note or a short video of your own on Twitter  Instagram (here or here) or on Facebook.