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Naughty & Nice: Healthy Holiday Food Swaps


Swap Out Swap In Calorie Savings Complimentary AcaciaTV Workout ½ cup mixed roasted nuts (400 calories) ½ cup Roasted Chestnuts (100 calories) 300 Body Weight Strength-Training for Beginners (29 minutes)   2 frosted sugar cookies (320 calories) 2 plain sugar cookies (100 calories) 220 Cardio Core-Blast (20 minutes)   6 coconut shrimp (435 calories) 6 […]

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Yule Survive: Quick & Effective Workout Playlist


You’re rushing around with last minute shopping, travel arrangements and final touches on decorations. We won’t waste your time then. Here’s a quick and effective workout for every day this week. Destroy a ton of calories in as little as five minutes a pop. Day 1: Strong Body, Fit Body Total Circuit (7 minutes) Day 2: Pilates for Beginners: […]

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7 Tips for Surviving ‘All You Can Eat’ Holiday Buffets

Not everyone views the idea of “All you can eat” as an invitation to well… eat all you can. According the Brian Wansink, Ph.D., director of the food and brand lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., some people actually manage to restrain themselves when faced with a myriad of food choices and unrestricted portion […]

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Your ‘Joy to the World’ Meditation Playlist

Shiva Rea Flow Yoga  for Beginners5080

With Thanksgiving behind us and the rest of the holidays ahead, you may be feeling a little stress mixed in with all that joy. So much to do, so little time. It’s tempting to binge on seasonal goodies to calm your nerves, isn’t it? Stop. Take a deep breath. Put down that carton of eggnog. This week’s Maintain, Don’t […]

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5 Fab Tips for Burning Off the Bird


Thanksgiving stuffing could just as easily refer to how much the average American eats when they sit down to their holiday meal as it does to what sits inside the bird. According to the American Council on Exercise, most of us consume 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day. That makes it the highest calorie consumption day […]

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Your ‘One Pound Down’ Weight Loss Playlist

Shiva Rea Solar Lunar Flow in Greece Balance Flow_poster

The old scientific thinking about weight gain is that it takes an extra 3500 calories to gain a pound or that same number of calories for weight loss. We now know it’s more complicated than that but the laws of thermodynamics still appear to be intact. In other words, if you eat more than you […]

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Enter to Win a Froothie Blender


Stress is one big reason you tend to pile on the pounds during the holidays. With more to do and less time to do it, it’s tempting to grab the wrong foods, rush through meals, overindulge. We’ve got three smoothies for you to help battle weight gain even when you’re short on time and patience. You […]

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14 Tips for Holiday ‘Waist Management’


The most fattening days of the year are upon us. A homentachen cookie here, an eggnog there and by the end of the week you could be letting out your belt a notch or two. Here are 14 useful tips to help you maintain your weight this week – and all through the high risk […]

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How to Exercise Your (Calorie) Demons This Halloween

Maintain Don't Gain Challenge

Considering that the average fun-sized candy contains between 40-130 calories, it’s easy to see how a nibble here, a nibble there can start to add up. So if you do decide to raid your child’s trick or treat stash this Halloween, check out this handy chart below. It lists the 29 most popular candies and their […]

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Classic Squat Update: The Plie Style Squat


Nothing beats a squat when it comes to working the lower body. This highly functional exercise targets the booty, the front and back of the thighs, the calf muscles and the core. It’s a motion used in many AcaciaTV programs because it’s the basis for moves as simple as getting up out of a chair […]

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Beat Jet Lag With the Rhythm Method

The ebb and flow of your body’s cycles – from hormone fluctuations to sleeping patterns — is controlled by complex network of body clocks known as circadian rhythms. When you zoom through different time zones these faithful time keepers often get thrown off course. That is the reason I started writing this post on jet lag […]

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Train Yourself To Stop Tripping Over Your Own Feet


The fact that you don’t stumble over every crack in a sidewalk is actually an amazing achievement. For that you can thank a remarkable combination of bodily systems that contribute to your sense of balance. Balance relies on the small bones of your inner ears, vision, the proprioceptive system within your muscles (which controls your […]

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5 Insider Tips for Using AcaciaTV


AcaciaTV is redefining the way you work out and get in shape. Because it’s effective, convenient, and inexpensive, it’s a fantastic tool for helping you reach your fitness goals. But you knew this already. That’s why you’re here. So now we’d like to give you an even bigger edge by sharing some secrets that will […]

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Banish Back Pain With This Simple Stretch Routine


If you own a spine, there’s a good chance you’ve had low back pain at some point in your life. Nearly 80 percent of us have experienced the annoying agony associated with the lower vertebrae. One of the most common reasons for low back pain is weak, tight muscles. After spending too much time supporting […]

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3 Steps to Building the Perfect AcaciaTV Workout


On AcaciaTV you choose any workout you want, click play and start moving. It’s that simple. And it works anytime, anywhere from any device. One the beauties of this system is that you can build the perfect routine by mixing and matching components from any workout on the site. So, if your workout doesn’t have […]

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4 Marvelous Multitasking Sculpt Moves


Time crunched should not mean no time for exercise. Not if you make every move count. Here, AcaciaTV‘s Gerren Liles shows you four marvelous multitasking sculpt moves that add up to one quick and efficient workout. Each compact move works many muscle groups all at once as well as other elements of fitness like flexibility, balance and coordination. Time […]

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Healthy Recipe: Salmon and Asparagus In Lemon Vinaigrette


AcaciaTV‘s resident chef, Gina Nelson, believes that healthy food should be affordable, taste good and easy to make. That’s why she’s spent her career developing good-for-you recipes to compliment all the effort her clients put into their workouts. “My love for freshly prepared, homemade food began as a young child,” Nelson says. “My grandparents were amazing home cooks who […]

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Get Gorgeous Dancer’s Legs in 4 Moves


Even if you have two left feet it’s possible to train for the gorgeous, toned legs of a dancer that everyone envies. The secret? Do regular cardio to burn off fat, stretch daily to create length and fluidity — and sculpt with targeted moves to reshape the muscles of the hips, thighs and glutes. You Might Also Like: Exhale […]

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You Need This Essential Wake Up Work Out


Is your idea of a morning workout pounding the snooze button over and over again? If so you may be missing out on the benefits of an A.M. sweat. Research shows that doing some light activity when you first wake up elevates the body’s core temperature, resulting in a rise of endorphins and other feel good […]

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Cap Off Your Workout With a Great Shoulder Routine


Want your waist to look teeny tiny without losing an inch? Sculpt your shoulders. When you carve out the “delts” you broaden your body by creating an enviable V shape. This beautiful balance makes you appear whittled down from the middle down. 4 Things You Can Learn From Arm Balances 4 Moves for a Strong, […]

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4 Moves for a Strong 3D Core


A strong core is much more than those show off six-pack muscles. You’ve got to train the front, back and sides, and you’ve got to go deep, hitting the support muscles that reside a fewer layers beneath the surface. AcaciaTV trainer Liz LeFrois shows you how to take your core workouts 3D with these four […]

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Power With Gerren Liles


This workout is summed up by its title: Power. You’ll feel the depth, quality and substance of each exercise as you push through the intensity for stronger, sleeker muscles. The workout is laid out in a series of “super-sets”; that is two or more exercises combined back-to-back with no rest in between. That’s the secret to pumping […]

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Yoga in Greece

17 (1)

Join Shiva Rea, the reigning queen of yoga, on the mythical Greek isle of Santorini for energizing, grounding solar and lunar salutations. Bend, twist, and flow as Rea takes you to spectacular settings: the rim of a volcanic crater, a mountaintop, the sunlit coastline. Read More: 4 Must Do Plank Moves for a Sculpted Core […]

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4 Must-Do Plank Moves for a Sculpted Core


The Plank is your one must-do core strength move. But once you master the basic technique it’s time to move on to other more challenging variations. AcaciaTV trainer Gerren Liles shows you four advanced plank exercises that go deep into those all-important middle muscles to create the core you’ve been working towards. Start with one […]

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Exhale Core Fusion: Boot Camp


Exhale Core Fusion creators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp have created a heart pumping workout that not only addresses your strength and flexibility needs, but your cardio needs as well. All the workouts in this collection sizzle away unwanted pounds and transform the body through deep sculpting that’s non-stop and fast paced. It is a […]

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Yoga for Abs

15 (1)

It’s not too late to get your abs into bikini-worthy shape. And you’re in luck — this is the routine that will get you there. AcaciaTV Yoga Star Kristin McGee wastes no time jumping into this 20-minute practice that’s jam packed with core focused moves like planks, boat poses and side twists. While all yoga […]

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Shiva Rea Daily Energy Solar Practice

14 (1)

In a “Solar” yoga practice the idea is that you can soak up energy and nutrients from the sun’s rays. Such a practice is meant to be electric, active, powerful and creative, the perfect way to rev up your body and mind. True to form, yoga star Shiva Rea teaches this uplifting solar yoga program for energy, tone and […]

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4 Lunge Moves For Gorgeous Glutes


Some booty exercises are considered classics for a reason – they get the job done. Take the lunge. There’s no better way to sculpt a high round tush and strong chiseled thighs. And when you multitask it by matching it up with another move, it becomes the hero of your workout. So whether your goal […]

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Shiva Rea Fluid Yoga


Shiva Rea leads this transformative mind-body workout that has you flowing from pose to pose to loosen, lengthen and strengthen the muscles. With constant gentle-yet-strong movements this is truly flow yoga. Read: What is that half ball thingy?  Set under a waterfall in Kauai, five fluid practices leave you feeling energized, powerful, vibrant, and healthy. […]

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Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly Cardio Core


This dance-inspired abs workout melts off your muffin top in a totally unique way. Fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa draws on belly dance inspired moves in three 12-minute routines that work those all-important core muscles. Do them one at a time or in one belly dance marathon. You might also like: Hemalayaa Beginner’s Yoga With […]

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Exhale: Core Fusion Barre Basics for Beginners


A quarter of a million people have transformed their bodies at Exhale, an exclusive mind/body spa. Get the same results at home with this series of 7, 10-minute workouts from Core Fusion creators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp. All of the workouts are designed for lifting and rounding the butt and tightening and sculpting the […]

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Hemalyayaa Beginner’s Yoga


For her latest program, popular belly dance and yoga teacher Hemalayaa Behl, leads you through two, 20-minute workouts that will leave you feeling happy and renewed, strong and flexible, calm and grounded. If you’re new to yoga this is a good place to start. Behl takes a lot of the standard sun salutation positions typically done in a […]

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Martial Arts Fat Blast Workout


Get your heart pumping while toning your body with these three progressively challenging workouts based on the martial arts. Taught by the gold-medal-winning brother and sister team, Tiffany and Max Chen, you’ll incorporate many different martial arts styles for one of AcaciaTV’s toughest workouts. Every movement is super intense, designed to wring every last drop of sweat […]

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Joy Bauer’s Slimdown Workout


NBC Today Show’s nutrition expert, Joy Bauer, instructs this happy, bouncy Slimdown Workout with celebrity trainer Lisa Wheeler. By combining cardio and strength training together they have you target the entire body, build stamina and, of course, turbo charge calorie burn to the max. You might also like: Step by Step Strength Training Bauer, a […]

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Step By Step Strength Training With Petra Kolber


If you’re new to weight training or have had a lay off, AcaciaTV‘s fitness trainer Petra Kolber is here to show you the ropes. With detailed instructions and informed technique tips, Kolber leads you through a series of strength training routines that will help you sculpt up and slim down. You Might Also Like: Strength […]

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Shiva Rea – Yoga Energy Flow Program 3


The short practices in this program emphasize flexibility, a quiet mind and a long, strong core. They build upon the first two Energy Flow videos to complete the compliment of energizing yet calming yoga routines. You should also try: Yoga Energy Flow Programs 1 & 2 As always, Shiva Rea leads her practices thoughtfully. Her music choice […]

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Shiva Rea Yoga Energy Flow – Program 2


Noted Yogi Shiva Rea leads three flowing and challenging yoga practices that balance energizing the body with calming the mind. Her creative instruction teaches you to listen to your body and explore your personal limits. You might also like: Yoga Strength With Kristin McGee This is the second bundle of workouts in the Energy Flow […]

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Shiva Rea Yoga Energy Flow – Program 1


Shiva Rea stars in this first-in-a-series of energetic yoga practices featuring a full compliment of advanced moves. Follow her clear instructions and gorgeous demonstrations as she leads you through 3 flowing routines for stretch, strength, balance and stability plus a short meditation . You might also like: Yoga Energy Flow 2 This is the highest […]

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Booty Boot Camp With Kenya Moore


Kenya Moore, former Miss USA and one of the stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, shares her secrets for fit and fine glutes in these three fat-blasting, booty-shaping workouts. Get ready to sweat through targeted tush transforming moves that will lift and firm your backside in well…no time flat. You Might Also Like: Dance and […]

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Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt


By incorporating both cardio and strength-training into two unique, 20-minute fitness routines, you’ll work more efficiently, lose more body fat, and rev up your metabolism with this AcaciaTV workout. Your body will then work to burn calories around the clock, giving you the ultimate edge to reach your weight loss goals. Violet Zaki is an […]

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Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn


Dance away trouble zones and have fun while you do it. This joyful dance program, designed and led by Kimberly Mullen, will give you strong, lean dancer legs. So lose yourself in the rhythm as you lift and shape your backside, tone your hips and thighs, and strengthen your physique. From hip sways to high […]

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Hemalayaa Bollywood Fitness


Burn fat, lift those buns, and reshape your upper body Bollywood style. Known for her playful spirit, fitness star and yogini Hemalayaa leads sexy, sassy, fun workouts that get results and make you smile. This is not your usual squat and lunge routine. There’s a lot of hip shaking and shoulder shimmies that get the job […]

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3-in-1 Total Body Fitness


If you’re serious about fitness, you have to balance the Big 3: cardio, strength, and flexibility training. This Acacia TV program, starring Desi Bartlett, has all you need for total fitness. Each 20-minute workout targets one of the Big 3. Do them in sequence or mix-and-match to suit your schedule. You will burn calories and […]

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Strength Training With Deazie Gibson


Here’s a well-rounded strength training session that’s short and sweet. AcaciaTV trainer Deazie Gibson coaches you through each move to start then cuts the rest periods in between sets, a progression that helps you learn the exercises correctly yet maintain a high level of intensity. What I especially like about this routine is the fact […]

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Exhale: Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity


Pure Intensity is the first ever cardio workout in Exhale’s hit line of Core Fusion fitness programs. It’s quickly become one of AcaciaTV‘s most popular videos. Six, 10-minute segments target multiple trouble spots at once, providing a heart-pumping workout for the whole body. Get sweaty and svelte as you lose weight while sculpting defined abs, […]

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Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout


Get fit with the Olympic gold medal figure skater and Dancing with the Stars champion. Developed with celebrity trainer Erin O’Brien, Yamaguchi’s fat-blasting, body-transforming circuit workout does it all: tones, burns calories, builds strength and gets your heart pumping. You can do the entire video in one blast or mix and match the segments to […]

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Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman


The Facts of Life star and mother of three shares her favorite workout moves – safe, sane, effective ways to be healthier, stronger, more energetic, and have a looser waistband no matter where you’re starting from. Because having fun can make all the difference, Lisa teams up with trainer and friend Janice Clark plus a couple of her neighbors […]

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Dr. Lisa’s Fitness Blast


Dr. Lisa Masterson, former cast member of the Doctors, instructs these three efficient fitness routines, full of moves pulled from yoga, dance, strength and more. It’s a fun blend of styles that’s totally doable to get you stronger, longer and energized. You might also like: Strength Challenge If you are fairly new to exercise this […]

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Dance and Be Fit: Hip Hop


Slim down and tone up with AcaciaTV‘s Dance and Be Fit: Hip Hop Cardio video workout. Join instructor Sarita Lou as she takes you through this crazy cool hip hop fitness program to burn fat and calories while sculpting your whole body. You’ll also learn some new steps you can bust out at the next […]

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Shiva Rea, A.M. Energy


AcaciaTV’s A.M. Energy is the perfect morning yoga program to get your day started. Noted yogi Shiva Rea takes you through this series of invigorating practices full of powerful, flowing poses and thoughtful meditations to revive the body, mind, and soul. You can do these programs alone or roll everyone else in the house out […]

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Keeping Fit Cardio

1 (1)

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body and you need to keep it fit and healthy as you age. That’s where AcaciaTV’s Keeping Fit Cardio comes in. You’ll burn calories and fat, increase lung capacity, control your weight, and add energy to your day with this workout. You’ll grapevine, jab, squat, and […]

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Arthritis RX


This is AcaciaTV streaming video workout is the perfect place to start if you are brand new to exercise or have chronic joint issues such as arthritis. Most of the workout is done lying on the floor. All of the movements are gentle and careful. If you want, you can view the detailed instructional video […]

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Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled


Get ready to transform your body with AcaciaTV‘s Xtend Barre workout. The three routines contained in this video combine elements of dance, Pilates and cardio to build lean muscle, lengthen and strengthen the entire body, burn calories and increase stamina. The routine includes a warm up and cool down segment as well as a brief instructional segment for […]

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Yoga Flow for Beginners


Shiva Rea is a leading teacher of vinyasa flow yoga, which combines fluid movement and rhythmic breathing for a strong yet peaceful workout. Her Yoga Flow for Beginner’s video workout is a terrific AcaciaTV introduction to this dynamic form of yoga. As you flow through the poses, Rea takes the time to progress into the most challenging variations by […]

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Yoga Strength With Kristin McGee


If you’re looking for a 20-minute alternative strength workout, this is the video for you. Celebrity trainer Kristin McGee instructs this powerful, flowing yoga practice. By holding each position for a few moments you work deep into the muscles to firm and tone even the hard to reach support structures of the hips, buttocks and arms. You also […]

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Strength Challenge With Deazie Gibson


Grab your weights and head to the beach! Gibson leads you through two rounds of 6 “super sets” designed to supercharge your metabolism as you build lean sexy muscles. You will love this straight forward yet powerful routine. It will push you hard yet it’s easy to learn, thanks to Gibson’s excellent cueing and clear explanations. Plus […]

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Exhale Core Fusion, Yoga Energy Flow


Awaken and invigorate your body and mind with this blend of yoga, Pilates and the Lotte Berk Method, as well as Chi Gong circular movements. All of the routines are designed to shift your inner and outer energy to produce balance and tone with a cardio kick. As a result, you’ll increase stamina and reduce inches for a […]

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SparkPeople 28-Day Boot Camp


Get fit fast with SparkPeople’s Coach Nicole. High-energy cardio routines combined with full-body strengthening exercises keep your muscles guessing; Coach Nicole’s mellow yet positive, supportive style will keep you motivated as you trim inches, build lean muscle, and gain confidence. I love this workout because it’s divided up into 4 great routines (plus a warm up and […]

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Why the FDA Smackdown of Kind Bars Is Hard to Digest


Earlier this week the FDA gave the makers of Kind Bars a little spanking. It turns out there’s a strict definition for the word “healthy” and four of Kind’s products didn’t clear the hurdle. The bars contain too much fat and not enough antioxidants, fiber or protein to meet the FDA’s healthy labeling requirements, the […]

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