4 Marvelous Multitasking Sculpt Moves

Time crunched should not mean no time for exercise. Not if you make every move count.

Here, AcaciaTV‘s Gerren Liles shows you four marvelous multitasking sculpt moves that add up to one quick and efficient workout. Each compact move works many muscle groups all at once as well as other elements of fitness like flexibility, balance and coordination.

Time each set for 30 seconds. One side of the body equals one set so you’ll spend a minute on each exercise. Once you’re done with your reps, move right along to the next set. Use a weight that makes you feel challenged but not strained.

Add it all up and the whole shebang only takes about 4 minutes. But if you’ve got a bit more time, join Gerren for the full 18 minute Interval Strength Workout. Do that routine 2-3 times a week and you’ll really see results. (If you’re not an AcaciaTV member already, sign up now for your 10 day free trial.)

Plank & Row

This move does it all — it strengthens and sculpts the shoulders, arms and chest while giving the core a good run for its money. Promotes balance and coordination.

Squat & High Pull

Works the upper and lower body simultaneously. Fine tunes coordination.

Side Lunge & Curl

Sculpts entire lower body with a special emphasis on the inner and outer thighs and chisels the front of the arms. Enhance flexibility and balance too.

Forward Lunge Pass Through

A great lower body toner that also challenges balance and coordination.