5 Insider Tips for Using AcaciaTV

AcaciaTV is redefining the way you work out and get in shape. Because it’s effective, convenient, and inexpensive, it’s a fantastic tool for helping you reach your fitness goals.

But you knew this already. That’s why you’re here. So now we’d like to give you an even bigger edge by sharing some secrets that will help you make the most of your streaming workout video experience. Here are five unexpected tips to maximize your AcaciaTV experience.

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Use the filters. One of AcaciaTVfilters’s most lovable features, filters, allow you find exactly the workout you want. I’ll give you an example.  Looking for a 15-minute novice workout with dumbbells? Filter on time, level and equipment. Presto! All the videos that fit those parameters pop up. Same idea if you want all Shiva Rea fanatic level workouts that build strength and flexibility.

Set yourself up. Exhale Core Fusion Pure Abs and Arms Stretches posterHave everything you need for your workout before you press play. Otherwise you’ll have to pause while you frantically race around the house searching for an exercise band or a mat. One nifty little insider’s trick: Filter your workouts for type of equipment, like dumbbells, bands, step or a yoga mat, so what’s required is crystal clear. If there’s a need for something out of the ordinary – like a chair or playground ball — it’ll say so in the video’s description.

Choose your screen. tabletThe beauty of AcaciaTV is that you can stream anywhere, anytime from any device. That said, I have a personal preference for streaming from a laptop or tablet the first few times you do a routine. That way when say, you move from standing to the floor, you simply transfer your screen to eyelevel, making it easier to follow along. Side note: buffering generally isn’t a huge problem but if you keep your device plugged in while it’s streaming, buffering will be virtually nonexistent.

Orient your mat.Petra Kolber Step By Step Strength Training Strength and Balance For the most part you get the best view of the action when you place your mat at a 45 degree angle to your screen and back up at least a foot. This positioning offers you the greatest range of sight as you follow the workout. Occasionally a specific segment might require a special mat orientation or a quick adjustment on the fly but once you’re familiar with the routine you’ll just incorporate these changes into the workout.

Look at the shoes. Power Boxing Workout with Marlen Esparza Cardio posterNote what’s on the instructor’s feet in the first few seconds of the video. Then, instantly adapt. It’s really challenging to flow through yoga poses wearing chunky sneakers or attempting to kick off your socks during a yoga practice to prevent your feet from sliding across the floor. Likewise, you want sturdy kicks rather than bare feet when you’re jumping through a cardio workout.

Hope that gives you some insight about how to use the site like a pro. Feel free to share a few tips of your own with us on Facebook. And as a bonus… here’s a great move for you to try. Remember to take off your shoes, put your lap top on the floor and place your mat appropriately!