Yoga in Greece

Join Shiva Rea, the reigning queen of yoga, on the mythical Greek isle of Santorini for energizing, grounding solar and lunar salutations. Bend, twist, and flow as Rea takes you to spectacular settings: the rim of a volcanic crater, a mountaintop, the sunlit coastline.

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You can mix and match the programs in this practice or do each as a stand alone. The routines are powerful, full of bold moves and extended stretches for intermediate-to-advanced yoga students. The solar practices are aerobically paced while the lunar practices are slower and more calming. Two quiet meditations bookend the practice.

The only equipment you’ll need is a mat.


Solar Meditation: This quietly reflective meditation is a tribute to the life giving power of the sun. 10 minutes.

Solar Back Bending Flow: This solar practice is an advanced yet graceful back bending flow that frees your mind and muscles. 20 minutes.

Lunar Back Bending Flow: Enjoy this calming deep back bending flow for relaxation and low back flexibility. 20 minutes.

Solar Earth Vinyasa: This standing flowing practice makes your body feel so open and loose. Added balance poses help you find good posture. 20 minutes

Lunar Meditation: Melt all your stress away with this beautiful shavasana, or meditation. 10 minutes.