Your ‘Joy to the World’ Meditation Playlist

With Thanksgiving behind us and the rest of the holidays ahead, you may be feeling a little stress mixed in with all that joy. So much to do, so little time.

It’s tempting to binge on seasonal goodies to calm your nerves, isn’t it?

Stop. Take a deep breath. Put down that carton of eggnog.

This week’s Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge theme asks you to take a daily time out just for you. A little deep breathing, some gentle reflection and a bit of mindful movement can go a long way towards keeping your health habits on the right track.

Below is your meditation playlist. Find a few moments in your day to refocus your energy and set your intentions with one of these mindful meditations.

Day 1: Greece Sunset Meditation (10 minutes)

Day 2: A.M. Energy – Shavasana Meditation (6 minutes)

Day 3: Energizing Heart Movement Meditation (3 minutes)

Day 4: Yoga Energy Flow – Meditation & Stretches (8 minutes)

Day 5: Yoga – Resting Meditation (3 minutes)

Day 6: Trance Dance Infinite Movement Meditation (8 minutes)

Day 7: Surf Yoga Soul Flexibility Flow (11 minutes)


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