3 Simple Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

A big piece of being successful in the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge – where you weigh the same on January 1st that you do today, instead of gaining the average pound or two that typically never comes off – is stress management.

So here are three easy restorative poses that are profoundly relaxing and especially good for beating Holiday Stress. So relaxing, in fact, that they make you feel like a pat of butter slowly melting on top of a stack of hot pancakes.

Do them in your jammies. (I did!) I recommend scheduling  a few minutes right after you roll out of bed, or right before you climb into bed at night. Or both. But do one or a couple of these feel-good poses more days than you don’t, and you will have a dramatically different holiday experience.

You’ll be less stressed, which means you’ll be less likely to overeat. Your body will feel better, which means you’ll be more energized to exercise. These babies work!

The first pose is Legs Up the Wall, which you can see me demonstrate here:

Your second option is Reclined Goddess Pose. You’ll need two towels for this one.

And finally, Constructive Rest. This one requires one towel and one pillow.

Give one or all a go and then come share with everyone else in the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday challenge how they felt. We need to inspire each other to take better care of ourselves!

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