Here’s Why You Aren’t What You Eat This Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, you may find it harder than ever to eat right and keep your calories under control.  Overeating can lead to depression and anxiety and if you’re not careful it can dig a massive hole in your self-worth.

So here’s some food for thought: downing an extra glass of eggnog or indulging in a few Christmas cookies doesn’t make you a bad person. You aren’t what you eat.

Sure, a healthy diet provides your body with cleaner fuel on which to run. Your engines will definitely chug along a little more smoothely on lean proteins and leafy vegetables than they will on apple pie and candy corn. But you really aren’t what you eat.

And true, your body can be a reflection of your long term eating habits. Fill up on junk food and sugary beverages during the holidays and beyond and you may find yourself with few extra rolls thickening up the waistline or a little more junk in the trunk and thighs than you prefer. It doesn’t matter. You still aren’t what you eat.

Food does not define you. Neither does your weight for that matter. Your actions do.

So this holiday season focus on being a good person. Volunteer your time. Donate to a charity. Warm your heart with random acts of kindness towards your family, friends, neighbors — and even strangers.

Take some time for yourself. Meditate. Remind yourself what’s important. Then go out and make it happen.

If you do happen to indulge here or there, keep smiling. Do something to honor your body. Counteract what you perceive as a negative with something you will almost definitely view as a positive like a workout, a walk or some productive physical labor.

Being the best you can be is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. A couple of candy bars or an extra piece of cake here or there are fine. It’s OK. Enjoy. And remember — you aren’t what you eat.

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