Try this Meditation on Candy Corn for Weight Loss

Candy corn may be the cutest Halloween candy. So cute that you just want to gobble it up the handful, right?

Before you start scarfing these colorful candies take a minute (literally) to fully experience eating just one of them. In the video below, I talk you through a Halloween twist on the classic meditation exercise of mindful eating. When I did it, I was shocked by what I noticed happening in my body.

Grab a candy corn (or the Halloween candy of your choice) and join me on a voyage of discovery!

Well, what did you think? Did you try it? Do you think I’m nuts? I’d love to hear your experiences—come visit me at the Acacia Facebook page.

And while you’re there, enter the Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday challenge! This challenge runs through early January and is designed to help avoid the added pounds that so often accompany the holidays.

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