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    • Hemalayaa: Bollywood Dance Blast - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 6 minutes
      Prepare your body for a workout with this fun, upbeat routine led by celebrity trainer Hemalayaa.
    • Dynamic Heart Pumping Warm Up
      Workout Time: 6 minutes
      Tack this energetic warm up onto the beginning of any other program. Starring AcaciaTV trainer Liz LeFrois, it's a a low impact way to start firing up muscles and elevating heart rate for the work ahead.
    • Escape Your Shape: 21 Day Makeover
      Workout Time: 98 minutes
      Edward Jackowski has dedicated much of his career to educating people about how to work out in a way that best fits their body type. Determine if you're a Hourglass, Ruler, or Spoon body type and jump in with this set of tailored exercises.
    • Kundalini Yoga for Happiness with Harmanjot Kaur: Meditation 4 Stroke Breath for Balance
      Workout Time: 6 minutes
      Follow along as Harmanjot leads you in this segment of balanced meditation and focused breathing.
    • Hemalayaa: Bollywood Party Workout: Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Prepare your body for a workout with fitness star Hemalayaa in this 5 minute segment.
    • Weight Loss Pilates: Warm Up
      Workout Time: 6 minutes
      Kristin McGee helps you start your exercise with a warm up. Stretch the muscles and connect with the breath to ensure a safe and effective workout.
    • Strong Body, Fit Body - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Prep your body for a full body Fit Body workout with an old school warm up led by Hollywood trainer Erin O'Brien. It's full of simple steps, kicks and reaches anyone can do to elevate heart rate.
    • Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance - Water Salutation
      Workout Time: 10 minutes
      With the amazing Shiva Rea as your guide you sweep through this moving meditation in a circle on your mat. This is an energetic practice with large sweeps of the arms, circular hip movements and an undulating spine for an open, freer body.
    • Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance- Twisty Kriya
      Workout Time: 7 minutes
      In this practice you wring out the spine with a series of twisting movements. Yogi Shiva Rea allows you to explore the rotation of your torso at various speeds and by holding your arms at various angles.
    • Strong Body, Ageless Body: Warm Up
      Workout Time: 4 minutes
      Do this short and effective warm up to raise your body temp and elevate your heart rate at the start of the Strong Body, Ageless Body workout -- or any other workout for that matter. Led by Hollywood trainer, Erin O'Brien.
    • Weight Loss Cardio Kick - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Led by expert trainer and martial artist, Violet Zaki this warm up preps you for the martial arts inspired workout ahead by showing you how to do all of the different types of punches and kicks.
    • Dance & Be Fit Abs Burn - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Start with this stretch to get your body ready for some serious ab slimming moves.Dance instructor Kimberly Mullen shows you how to burn calories and work your core with ab-centric dance moves.
    • Shiva Rea: Surf Yoga Soul Breath Wave
      Workout Time: 8 minutes
      Yoga and surfing have much in common. Top yogi Shiva Rea merges those similarities in this, the first-ever program to bring wave motion onto the mat. Here you learn to surf the waves of your breath and body movement.
    • Shiva Rea: More Daily Energy - Lunar Practices, Opening Meditation
      Workout Time: 11 minutes
      You can use this practice as a simple meditation or move into forward bends to prepare your spine for deeper work. Yoga star Shiva Rea teaches this illuminating lunar yoga program for calming, stretching and toning.
    • Calorie Blasting Warm Up
      Workout Time: 6 minutes
      Start any other AcaciaTV workout with this upbeat warm up starring trainer Liz LeFrois. You'll do athletic moves like jumping jacks and skipping to get your body warm.
    • Power Boxing Workout with Marlen Esparza - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 10 minutes
      Marlen Esparza champion boxer, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, and Cover Girl teaches you the basic punches and stances of boxing during this warm up. It get gets your heart rate up and previews the moves you'll use through the workout.
    • Hemalayaa Beautiful Belly Cardio Core - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 6 minutes
      Enjoy this fun and joyful warm up to prepare for a calorie burning, waist synching belly dance workout led by Bollywood trainer Hemalayaa Behl. You'll whirl and twirl your way to a higher heart rate and warmer muscles.
    • Martial Arts Weight Loss Workout - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 3 minutes
      Taught by gold-medal-winning brother and sister martial arts team Tiffany and Max Chen, this warm up is broken up into 30-second rounds of shuffling and low kicks to get the heart rate up and the body warm.
    • Joy Bauer's Slimdown Workout - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Always start your workout with a good warm up. This one is lead by NBC Today Show's nutrition expert, Joy Bauer and celebrity trainer Lisa Wheeler to get you ready for a heart pumping, body sculpting Slimdown workout.
    • Dance and Be Fit Latin Groove - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 9 minutes
      Fitness instructor and dancer Desi Bartlett takes you through this dancy, graceful warm up to elevate body temperature and prepare your body for the workout ahead.
    • Dance and Be Fit, Carnaval - Dance Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Warm up as you learn the basic road march you'll use through this spirited dance workout. Taught by internationally acclaimed choreographer and dance instructor Kimberly Miguel Mullen.
    • Booty Boot Camp With Kenya Moore - Bootylicious Warm Up
      Workout Time: 12 minutes
      Easy to follow warm up where instructor Nikki Veal demos each upcoming step first before you hit it. Real Housewife Kenya Moore keeps it light and fun with a running commentary. She even steps in for a few minutes to demo her signature "stallion" moves.
    • Weight Loss Cardio Sculpt - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      A fun, spirited warm up with top trainer Violet Zaki that gets you ready to sculpt your body and peel away the pounds. Get your body temperature elevated and let the calorie burning begin!
    • Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Here's an interesting warm up done from a sitting position led by Dance instructor Kimberly Mullen. The challenging yet effective choreography preps your body for the work to come.
    • Kristi Yamaguchi: Power Workout - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Ready to work? This peppy warm up will prep your body for the workout ahead. The Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars champion, Kristi Yamaguchi, along with Hollywood trainer Erin O'Brien, shows you how to get ready for exercise.
    • Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Here's the perfect warm up for exercise newbies. The Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel offers this simple start up routine full of easy movements and gentle stretches. It's led with precision by her friend and personal trainer, Janice Clark.
    • Dance and Be Fit: Hip Hop Cool Down
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      Hip hop don't stop! Even when you're cooling down you do it with attitude in this cool down with instructor Sarita Lou. Guaranteed you've never stretched out with this much pop. It's a great way to end a workout.
    • Dance and Be Fit: Hip Hop - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 7 minutes
      Get ready to hip hop with this hip-popping warm up taught by instructor Sarita Lou. Besides getting your heart rate up, you learn the hip hop basics here to take with you through the rest of the workout.
    • Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled - Warm Up
      Workout Time: 11 minutes
      Get an intro to dance as you elevate body temperature and heart rate. Professional dancer, choreographer, and Pilates instructor Andrea Rogers takes you through this brisk cardio warm up featuring ballet movement.
    • SparkPeople: 28-Day Boot Camp Warm Up
      Workout Time: 6 minutes
      This feel good warm up, led by the SparkPeople's coach Nicole, will get your heart, muscles and joints ready for exercise. It's a great place to start a workout.
    • SparkPeople Total Body Sculpting: Warm Up
      Workout Time: 4 minutes
      SparkPeople is America's #1 diet and healthy living website. A good warm up is the foundation for a great workout. Coach Nicole gets your muscles warm and your heart rate up with this brief warm up.
    • Ripped Total Body Challenge: Warm Up
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      The “R.I.P.P.E.D.” system is pretty intense which is why you need to prepare your body for the work ahead. This warm up ensures you're fully warmed up and ready to rock. It's packed with athletic moves borrowed from boxing, martial arts and football practice.
    • Keeping Fit: Strength - Warmup for Weight Training
      Workout Time: 5 minutes
      An exhilarating warm up to elevate the heart rate and prepare the body for weight training. Led by fitness expert Andrea Metcalf.
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